Property Finance

As a professional mortgage consultant it is our responsibility and duty to guide you through the maze that is property finance, and to make what can be sometimes a daunting process that much easier.

Through our experience and knowledge we have the capabilities to assist various market segments from the first home buyer to the first time investor to the experienced property expert.

First Home Buyer

Many leading market economists will tell you that the first home buyer market is the most important market segment of them all. This is because by buying your first home it is the foundation of an individuals future wealth and therefore the future wealth of the economy as a whole.

However, this makes the process no less daunting for the person or couple entering into their first property transaction. It is our role to nurture first home buyers through this process via education and constant updates. By doing this well it allows you to enjoy what is a very exciting and life changing experience.

First Time Investor

Over the last decade many Australians have realized the value and excitement of developing a property portfolio as a part of their overall financial well being.

We can assist you with the various finance products and structures to allow you to make that first investment purchase. Whether this be through utilizing the existing equity in your own home or perhaps providing you with other options, allow us to be a key element of your property investment team. 

Experienced Investor

With the wealth of literature available on property success it is obvious that many have created financial freedom for themselves through property investment.

However due to the constant evolving of the banking sector and financial products it is essential that any quality investor have a finance professional reviewing and assisting them with their portfolio. Quality investors realize that quality mortgage professionals along with quality accountants can be of great value.

Mortgage Review

With interest rates changing, banking products evolving and fee structures being constantly reviewed by lenders it is essential that all borrowers review their mortgage structure on a regular basis.

A mortgage health check is a free service whereby we will review your current structure to ensure you are receiving the best possible benefits, interest rates and features for your personal circumstances. This in many instances simply means changing products with the same lender.